The New Year Smells like Roses

Although I have not completely finished my list of New Year Resolutions, one of the resolutions will be to write (at least) two entries a week on a blog. The hope is to write about topics I have insight or have strong opinions about my daily life, sports, travel, technology and international relations. Along the way, I imagine I it might stray change into something that else, but here we go….
My new year started by waking up at 7:30 am and going to the Rose Bowl with my family. Even though I graduated USC, I grew a Oregon fan and will keep up this affiliation throughout my life.
We arrived at the Rose Bowl at about 10:30, and pressed on to the alumni tailgate. The alumni tailgate included an all you can drink beverages as well as a barbecue lunch meal. With a few thousand people at the event, you would imagine there would be more than 10 portable toilets. I figured the restroom shortage controlled the alcohol consumption because 45 minutes is a long wait just to pee.
I really had a good feeling the Ducks were going to win, and Lee Corso and the ESPN College GameDay crew picked the Ducks. I get scared when too many people are picking the Ducks to win, because it’s much easier to under promise and over deliver. I guess the bad signs started from the beginning when the marching band played to the wrong side. The Ducks started the game slow and it was clear they were not playing their game. (I thought it looked like Masoli might have been slightly injured) Even though they were not playing their game (I have to give my props to the OSU defense as well),I think they would have pulled the game out without a late 3rd quarter fumble deep in OSU territory.
Oregon couldn’t pull it out, but my dad is definitely smiling happy about the Rose Bowl appearance. Next year there I much to look forward to with a team only losing a few starters, so who knows maybe they will be in the hunt to win their first Rose Bowl since 1917. The team has a nice nucleus and it will be exciting to see what next year brings and as well as the new jersey combination’s.
Side rant: While watching the Bowl Games on the TV, I never think about TV timeouts. As a live spectator, TV timeouts really suck the life out of the game and hurt any momentum gained and lost from both sides. Realistically speaking this will never because the commercials contribute to making college football and the BSC lots of money.

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