Google Voice

I got Google Voice about a month ago, and I think this is an awesome product. In short you can pick a Google Number, and forwards to your work, mobile, or home lines or straight to your voice mail. When someone sends you an SMS it automatically gets sent to your email, and the same thing happens with a voice mail except it comes transcribed as well (I also can send SMS messages through the Google Voice website). Even more intriguing, you can make any call in the US for free. The process goes like this: You enter a number through Google Voice, and then Google Voice sends a call to the selected line you choose. You pick up the phone and then it starts ringing and next thing you know the number you called picks up. The service is not meant for international use at the moment, but I have a US Skype number (needed to pay for this), so when anyone calls my Google number it gets forwarded to my Skype number and if I am on Skype I can answer. Click on the widget below and you can give me a call(949-436-8903) or find out more on the website.

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