Great Programs

I am a huge fan of public media(NPR/PBS aka television and radio stations partly funded by the government as well as viewers and listeners like you). Click on the picture for linkage to their website.

For the past 4 years, I have been a big fan of NPR. Some might find it boring, but I do not and it provides in-depth information on local, national,and international issues.

Here are some NPR programs I enjoy:

1. NPR Planet Money: I can’t recommend this program enough. Very interesting and puts economy issues in an easy to understand format.

2. This American Life: Great Weekly hour-long program. Interesting stories about everyday life and people

While I previously listened to NPR before coming to China, I recently rediscovered a few PBS programs. Their program have a fast online video function(even in China) and much like NPR have a great variety of topics.

Here are some PBS programs I enjoy:
Note: I do not watch the NOVA Science program but I heard good things as well.

1. PBS Frontline: This provides great documentaries on national and international issues. The video loads extremely fast and they give you an opportunity to further interact and explore the topic through other links. I remember watching a few Frontline programs in high school, but I forgot about the program until a friend(not from America) recommended it to me.

2. Charlie Rose: Not as famous as others, but arguable one of the best interviewers in the industry. He always has the most relevant and interesting guests and asks the key questions. The library of interviews dates back at least to mid- 1990s(Might even have archives online dating back longer)

I have to give a hand to NPR and PBS by keeping up with the internet age and making their content easily accessible online and creating further opportunities to interact and discuss the topics. Well done. As for the programs, all of them are great but the ones mentioned above are my favorite.

I don’t expect the programs to be “everyone’s cup of tea”, but if you browse around and it’s more than likely you will find something of interest.

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