Cutting the Cord

Not sure where this rant came from, but I wanted to chime in on cutting the cord. Many people save money by canceling their cable subscription,while still enjoying their favorite content through Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming and OnDemand options. The only thing really stopping me from embracing the idea is ESPN and other live sports content. I know ESPN3 streams a limited amount of programming, but it doesn’t do the job for me.

If anyone is reading this, I’d like to hear their opinion on how they see live sports coverage in the future, whether it be through cable, existing avenues, or other options yet to be available. Gracias.

One thought on “Cutting the Cord

  1. Terence says:

    This was a lot more of an appealing option until the Feds shut down recently. I cheat by having a friend with a Slingbox.

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