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Southern Tibet

Yamdrok Lake

Tibetan Plateau

Typical Homes in Rural Tibet

Why do clouds look so much cooler at high altitude?

I liked the scenery on the Nyalam to Zhangmu section of the Friendship Highway

Still my favorite section(even though a flipped road construction turned our drive into some hiking..FYI: No one was hurt)

Zhangmu: A one lane city crossing up and down the mountains(The last Chinese city on the Friendship Highway)

Friendship Bridge@ the China-Nepal Border

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Mount Everest

All pictures taken at about 17,000 feet.

Sunset over Everest

Looking away from the Roof of the World

Mt.Everest the next morning (@ the furthest place tourists can go on the Chinese side)

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Potala Palace @ Sunset

Last day with the Beard (After 2.5 weeks without shaving, I found the beard a little too annoying)

View from Draka Yerpa

Debating Monks at Sera Monastery

View of Barkhor Square from Jakhong Temple

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