My Own Sandwich(No Mayo)

Today at a small sandwich stand in Shanghai called Sarnies, the store employees unveiled Bryan’s Special. My sandwich is chicken breast, fresh vegetables, mustard, and hot sauce served on wheat bread. After reading the ingredients, you might ask “What’s so special?” So here is the story…
I am a frequent customer at Sarnies because it’s next to my office and provides healthy food at a good price. Even after constantly telling them no mayonnaise(méi yǒu dàn huáng jiàng), the sandwich artists would like second nature always be just about to add it before I scream out, “méi yǒu dàn huáng jiàng”. If I did not watch the sandwich production like a hawk, I would most likely get a sandwich with mayo. Then, I decided to name my order, “Bryan’s Special” to consistently get my sandwich without mayonnaise.

For months, I had joked with the manager at Sarnies about making the poster, and yesterday I finally gave them a 11×17(A3) poster for Bryan’s Special. I don’t know if it will stay up longer than a week , but I am curious to see how many people besides me order it. Even if it only stays up one day, I still think its pretty cool.

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2 thoughts on “My Own Sandwich(No Mayo)

  1. Matt says:

    Matt’s remix:

    It’s like an explosion in your mouth…

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